Skratch Margarita Recipe

We had a blast with the Skratch crew during our "Portables" night. Dr. Allen Lim, Skratch Labs' founder, entertained and informed us of why whole food nutrition is scientifically proven to be best for your body and performance. We learned how to wrap portables for the day's activities, and yeah, we drank margaritas based on Skratch's Daily Lemons and Limes mix.  A few asked for the recipe, so here's the pitcher-sized version. It's not a scientific formula - I didn't write any ratios down - so add or subtract according to your own tastes and preferences.

half a pitcher h20
1.5 cups of Suerte tequila (we used their Blanco version, to step it up use Reposado)
3/4 cup Skratch Daily Lemons and Limes formula
1/4 cup triple sec
a dash of margarita mix
I added lime juice and sliced limes too

Use Skratch's Daily mix instead of the Exercise powder as Daily has less sugar and sodium content.  You don't need the Exercise version unless you're actually working out.

Making the Goal

Colorado's weather is getting nicer by the week and my bikes are are calling me, albeit in a soft voice. I'm still in ski mode, where my internal sport-o-meter hasn't quite clicked over to bike mode. That's due to a few things. As a family we've committed to skiing as often as possible, which means the weekend days are spent on a slope instead of a saddle. This year's had amazing snowfall so you really can't blame me. That snow is another reason I haven't switched to bike mode; the trails are muddy and when there's not ice and snow on the road the gravel and wind fights my willpower to get on a bike. When my personal bike season officially begins it's usually a complete and abrupt changeover. I mourn skiing for a day or two as my enthusiasm turns to turning cranks. I'm just not there yet.

The one thing that's prompting me to get on my bike a little earlier is the goal I made for 2014. Goals are supposed to be achievable yet make you reach to greater lengths, so I promised myself 2000 miles (1500 on the road and 500 on fat tires). The number came from looking at the past few year's odometer reading and stretching the number to a comfortable level. Realistic. Until I realize it's mid-March and I have 21 miles under my belt thus far. Oy.

Thanks to setting a goal, I'm at least thinking about how to get to the finish line. I've broken it down to manageable chunks. 50 miles a week on the road, 20 on singletrack, every week until New Years...but add on to that weekly total knowing there's little cycling in November and December, vacation travel, other obligations, oh my! Don't panic. Just start with a few rides, I tell myself.

My goal is set. I'm getting psyched up to turn pedals and get my cycling legs back. Soon. I have a few more weekends to dedicate to my skis.  If you see me out on the bike mid-week you know my goals are getting the better of me.


Race curious? Or just meet us for a beer.

Our very own Race Enabler Lauren Courter will walk you through what it takes to begin racing, make it through your first race, and/or get pumped for more on Wednesday, February 26th. This is for roadies and mountain bikers. Topics to include:

  • Licensing
  • Training
  • Realistic goals
  • What to expect on race day
  • Pre-race jitters
  • Why women should race
  • Great races to dip your toes

You've got it in you. Remember, do something each day that scares the crap out of yourself.

Place: Upslope Brewing Taproom - 1898 Flatiron Court address (not the North Lee Hill location)

Time: 7pm-8pm to talk racing, 8pm+ social hour for those who want to meet and greet teammates. Wednesday, February 26!

Bring a friend: SURE! You'll be more likely to follow through with a buddy. If you don't know of anyone willing to give it a try, you'll meet them at this meeting.

"Finishing races is important, but not as important as racing." -Dale Earnhardt

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